Sunny Moberg


BBQ is in Sunny Moberg’s bones – pure and simple – the “meat, smoke, love” kind! He was born into a BBQ family and that family is mighty proud of him and the BBQ business he’s built for himself today. In 1964, Sunny’s grandfather, Albert C. ‘Smokey’ Denmark founded Smokey Denmark Smoked Meats Company in Austin, Texas – a company that is still going strong today.

If BBQ is in Sunny’s bones – oh boy, so is welding. When Sunny was fifteen years old, he asked his Dad for a Sears Craftsman stick welder for Christmas. A go-cart was his first creation and that cool little go-cart lit the “spark” that led him to where he is today. He saved his money, stepped up to an industrial welder, spent hours in the library learning all he could about welding, and practiced, practiced and practiced more until his welding became a work of fine art.

Now combine these two passions with this creative, talented and crazy-attention-to-detail artist – Sunny Moberg – and you’ve got something really unique. Sunny took that welding genius, his BBQ roots, threw in his own personal style and founded Moberg Smokers. These days, in the BBQ community, #gottagetamoberg has become a mantra.

Some ask Sunny about his “overnight success” but in reality, the very first Moberg Smoker was fabricated when Sunny was eighteen years old out of an old water heater. Let’s just say, that was a learning experience. Over the years Sunny has had a successful career specializing in manufacturing utility trailers, decorative entry gates and other outdoor landscaping pieces, metal art, metal furniture and you-name-it – if he could weld it, he could build it.

Sunny’s real love has always been building smokers – the kind Pit Master’s dreams are made of. Moberg Smokers specializes in restaurant- and competition-grade smokers, most are 500 to 1000 gallon units on skids or on custom-built trailers, but he still does a few of the backyard variety. His customer base is coast-to-coast, includes some of the top BBQ “joints” in the United States, and they have recently begun accepting international orders.

Gotta get a Moberg? You know you do, and you better get it ordered now!